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"The Lean Book of Lean" by John A. A. Earley

Published by Wiley ,  2016 , ISBN 978-1-119-09619-1

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"The Lean Toolbox for Service Systems" by John Bicheno

Published by Picsie Books, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9541244-4-1

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"The Lean Toolbox" (Fourth Edition) by John Bicheno & Matthias Holweg

Published by Picsie Books , 2009 , ISBN 978-0-9541244-5-8

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"Material Requirements Planning - Third Edition" by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith

Published by McGraw Hill, 2011, ISBN 978-0-07-175563-4...

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"Introduction To Materials Management - APICS custom edition (6th)" by J.R Tony Arnold, Stephen Chapman & Lloyd Clive

Published by Pearson, 2011, ISBN-13 978-1-256-08314-6

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SCMentor Study Aid

SCMentor Study Aid

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Supply chain training solutions for large multi-national clients in carefully targeted industry sectors.