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Inventory Management & Forecasting 3

Client requirements will be accommodated whenever possible, presenting a half day overview, or a more detailed full day session, depending on level of study / emphasis required.

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Course Includes

  • The Lead-Time Gap (P:D Ratio)
  • Static Safety Stocks including service levels
  • Dynamic Safety Stocks (Days/weeks of Supply)
  • Min-Max levels
  • Re-order Points
  • EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) and Total Inventory Cost
  • De-coupling points and buffers in Just-In-Time Supply Chains
  • Inventory Holding Costs (inc how they can affect margin)
  • True cost of Inventory, True cost of variety
  • Demand Amplification (Forrester / Bullwhip effect)
  • Multi-location stock holding (inc Uneven Demand at Plant Level)
  • Consignment Stocking
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)  and CMI (Co-Managed Inventory)
  • Discussion :- Obsolescence
  • ABC classification

Course Includes (cont.)

  • Total Lead time vs Actual / Quoted Lead Time
  • Replenishment systems (Kanban etc)
  • Backflushing
  • Demand patterns, seasonality and volatility
  • Discussion :- Methods of forecasting (statistical demand smoothing etc)
  • Moving Averages - simple and weighted
  • Producing basic forecasts within Excel
  • Forecast Error (including examples of extreme deviations from anticipated demand with reasons for problem explained)
  • How computerised systems (ERP etc) deal with forecasts
  • Constraining the Forecast - Pyramid (Roll-up / Force down )
  • Discussion :- Consequences of poor forecasts
  • Quiz to test understanding
Get your Supply Chain Management CD ROM Training courses at your office

Supply chain training solutions for large multi-national clients in carefully targeted industry sectors.