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APICS legacy CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management) - 5 exam configuration (Retired)

APICS The Association for Operations ManagementProvision of module training towards APICS certification ( CPIM )

The ‘CPIM’ certification programme from APICS is an internationally respected qualification for the professional manager involved in:

  • Production and Inventory Management
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing / Procurement
  • Materials Management

For certification, candidates must pass five modules before the end of 2018 when the current configuration of the CPIM is to be replaced by a two part configuration : CPIM Part 1 and Part 2. Hard copy workbooks (Participant Guides) have been withdrawn from print by APICS and are no longer available - a pdf soft copy can be purchased from APICS (MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR only) until mid 2018. As this 5 exam configuration (being refered to as the 'Legacy CPIM' by APICS) is being retired, please now refer to CPIM part 2 at either or

CPIM 5 Modules

Hilf Supply Chain Solutions offers facilitated tuition sessions for these certification modules - conducted as an in-house study programme with your team at your facility this is the default method of delivery. We are the only AEP serving the British market who is actually based (headquartered) in Great Britain. Our reputation for a quality service, and extensive background in this area speaks for itself. Wish to verify our credentials ? ..... we would welcome ay perspective clients to request evidence of our expertise and past delivery to give you peace of mind when selecting the right UK APICS delivery partner, don't comprise by engaging an inexperienced trainer ! . As mentioned on our home page - we have been providing APICS certification training for over twelve years.  Refer also to our other website specifically devoted to APICS training (

For 'individuals' a distance learning (guided self-study) approach can be offered. However, from early 2014 we will be commencing a re-write of our distance learning pack, therefore attendance at one of the open public courses below is recommended to individual candidates. For those who specifically wish to pursue an 'online' version of the course, we recommend the offering from USA based Fox Valley Technical College - refer to FVTC for more information.

UK candidates note - test centres were operated by Prometric in 2014, and by PearsonVUE since 2015.

For further details please contact us via email

For non UK candidates contact your appointed International Partner for further details.


APICS Channel Partner CPIM


Announcement for CPIM qualified individuals who have not maintained their certification :-

"The APICS CPIM Recertification Exam is a one-time opportunity for individuals whose CPIM credentials have expired. You now can reclaim your credential. Instead of taking all five CPIM exams again, candidates are able to renew their certifications by taking only one exam.

The new exam, which only ran until the end of 2011, included 30 questions taken from the following CPIM Modules: DSP, ECO, MPR and SMR and will have a total of 120 multiple-choice items delivered in a three-hour exam." Due to the success of the 2011 re-certification exam programme, it was offered again by APICS during 2014.

In house delivery to a team of people at your facility is the default method of APICS tuition, this allows your team to discuss the issues raised within the material. However, for very small companies with a very small operations planning team this is not always feasible, to this end we occasionally offer open / public courses aimed at those who prefer face-to-face tuition as opposed to a distance learning solution. Our current schedule is as follows :-



CPIM Module Dates Venue
1 - BSCM (Basics of Supply Chain Management)  2015 - Monday 30th March - Tuesday 31st March, and, Thursday 9th April - Friday 10th April Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, near Birmingham, M42 J3 , UK
5 - SMR (Strategic Management of Resources)  2015 - over 3 single days :- Friday 5th June, Monday 8th June, and Wednesday 17th June Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, near Birmingham, M42 J3 , UK
 4 - ECO (Execution & Control of Operations)  2015 - Friday 18th September, Thursday 24th & Friday 25th September  Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
 1 - BSCM (Basics of Supply Chain Management)  2015 / 2016  - Monday 21st December - Tuesday 22nd December 2015, and, Wednesday 13th January - Thursday 14th January 2016 Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
 2 - MPR (Master Planning of Resources)  2016 - Tuesday 8th March, Thursday 17th March & Friday 18th March    2016 Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
 3 - DSP (Detailed Scheduling & Planning)  2016 - Monday 22nd - Wednesday 24th August Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
1 - BSCM (Basics of Supply Chain Management)  2016 - Monday 14th - Tuesday 15th November, and, Thursday 24th - Friday 25th November Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
 1 - BSCM (Basics of Supply Chain Management)   2017 - Wednesday 15th - Thursday 16th March, and, Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th April Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
 2 - MPR (Master Planning of Resources)  2017 - Thursday 13th April, Wednesday 19th April, and, Thursday 20th April Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
 4 - ECO (Execution & Control of Operations)  2017 - Monday 12th June - Tuesday 13th June, and, Thursday 29th June Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
5 - SMR (Strategic Management of Resources) 2017 - Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th July inclusive  Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
3 - DSP (Detailed Scheduling & Planning) 2017 - Monday 4th September, Monday 11th September & Tuesday 12th September Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3
2 - MPR (Master Planning of Resources)  2017 - Tuesday 21st November - Thursday 23rd November Beckett's Farm Conference Centre, M42 J3

Please click here to view the Re-configuration Timeline.

Note regarding the CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) programme recently introduced by APICS, we are currently offering this course as either a half day briefing session to proceed a distance learning programme, or as a facilitated programme of each of the four modules delivered to your team. Note, open public courses for CSCP are also offered occassionaly with sufficient demand for the course to proceed.

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