Current Courses

Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA)

From Spring 2023 we are offering the CSCA (Certified Supply Chain Analyst) course from ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance). Following ASCM withdrawing the ability to sit CPIM Part 1 as a standalone course with a certificate awarded for successfully completing the APICS exam (and having previously withdrawn the ‘Basics of Supply Chain Management’ course), we believe the CSCA will be an ideal replacement to fill this recently created market gap. Whilst the CPIM remains highly recommended as the world standard for planning & operations personnel, for new team members recently joining your supply chain team, this would be an ideal introductory course to launch their SCM career.

The official CSCA brochure can be downloaded here.

When a candidate embarks upon the CSCA, the materials supplied include two attempts at the examination (i.e. first attempt plus a free re-take if required)

The CSCA content is divided into the following 15 sections prior to the examination.

1 Overview
2 Strategy
3 Framework for discussion
4 Fundamental issues
5 Aggregate Planning
6 Role of Inventory in the supply chain
7 Materials Requirements Planning
8 Sourcing
9 Purchasing
10 Manufacturing
11 Transportation
12 Warehousing & Distribution
13 Sales Order Fulfillment
14 Lean and Continuous Improvement Tools
15 Sustainability
16 Team Dynamics

(A YouTube video presented by Ken Titmuss of SAPICS describes each of these sections – it can be viewed here)

Sample ISCEA Certificate

On completing the course delivered by the Hilf instructor, candidates will be encouraged to book their online exam from a selection of available slots around their chosen timeframe. The exam will be presented via a GoTo Meeting link and monitored by an iProctor service. The exam comprises of 100 multiple choice questions in a maximum of 2 hours, ISCEA has published assessment criteria, i.e. the topic contents is split, as follows – Module 1-5 : 35% of questions , Module 6-8 : 31% of questions , and Module 9-16 : 34% of questions. The score required to pass is 70%. Hilf has been advised by ISCEA that the CSCA is equivalent to a Level 4 qualification.

Similar to the APICS Certificate Maintenance programme, ISCEA also requires the certification is renewed. The process is necessary three years following successfully passing the CSCA exam to retain the certification. An overview of prices and how the required number of CPD points could be accumulated is detailed here.

If the CSCA course sounds of interest for in-house delivery to your team, contact us on to discuss.