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Lean Certification ( IIBLC )


The Lean Certification courses were established to enable Lean Practitioners to obtain recognized qualifications in their field. There are three levels (outlined below) which follow the theme of the Six Sigma levels of expertise – Green Belt, Black Belt, and Champion.

At present, Hilf Supply Chain Solutions is not offering (directly) tuition towards IIBLC certification, however we aim to offer the service in the near future when an arrangement with IPICS is established and suitably qualified Associate Lean Consultants with excellent presentation skills are positioned – in the meantime, questions from UK based candidates regarding the certification should be directed towards Ireland based IPICS who is the IIBLC partner representing both Ireland and the UK.

Please refer back to our site regularly for updates on our proposed IIBLC training offering.

The partners for other European counties can be found on the IIBLC website along with the exam centres and the examination dates (which generally speaking tend to mirror the APICS international examination dates).

“The IIBLC™ certificates are of an outstanding quality and unique reference thanks to the appointed Content Committee.

Members of the Content Committee are international experts in the field of Lean. Together they compose one single reference guide which is referred to as ‘Book Of Knowledge’. In other words, they agree upon the exact level each candidate has to acquire and make up the corresponding tests.”

The programme is built on a step-by-step approach. This means that a candidate has to pass through the different levels to achieve the Champion certificate. The following is an overview of each of the three levels (source :- ) :-

CGBL Certified Green Belt in Lean

The basic level of the programme includes the basic concepts and techniques. To acquire this level, only a written test has to be taken. The successful candidate can be part of an improvement team. (The corresponding target group is first line management.)

CBBL Certified Black Belt in Lean

This level includes advanced tools and techniques, as well as some human skills. Next to a written test, the candidate has to execute a practical case study. The successful candidate has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to take the lead of an improvement team. (The corresponding target group is middle management.)

CChL Certified Champion in Lean

The highest level deals with specific skills and knowledge required in order to be able to function on management level. As the Champion is supposed to act as a “lean manager” on departmental / company / corporate level, understanding and mastering of topics such as strategic planning, supply chain management and others are a must. The part on human skills is also expanded to deal with Lean culture. Portfolio management and program management are also part of this level. This level has to take a written test as well as a practical case study. (The corresponding target group is higher management.)

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Note, this offering is currently on hold. At this point we recommend the Yellow Belt and Green Belt accredited Lean courses offered by the IOM (Institute of Operations Management)