Basics of Supply Chain Management: Study Aid

Supply Chain Management CD ROM

Developed in 2003, this CD-based self-study aid assists the user with preparation for the for APICS CPIM “Basics of Supply Chain Management” certification exam. For non-certification-oriented learners, the study aid is an efficient introduction to key materials and production management concepts. In 19 learning units, explanations and animated demonstrations cover a range of topics including EOQ, Master Scheduling, BOMs, Moving Average Forecasting, MRP, Inventory Turns etc. Diagnostic problem solving tests with detailed answers are valuable content to reinforce key concept requirements.

Learning through demonstrations and problem solving, the CD “will

  • Walk through demonstrations of how to solve problems similar to those in the Basics of Supply Chain Management Participant Guide.
  • Tackle problems that test your comprehension of what you learn in the demonstrations, and then receive immediate feedback on your approach to solving them.
  • Take a diagnostic exam to see how well you understand key concepts.
  • Have the opportunity to peruse Need to Know and Useful to Know information that will help prepare you for the Basics CPIM certification exam.”

The “Learning Map” feature allows a user to click on one of the following topics for study :-

  • Production Plan (S&OP level)
  • Basic Forecasting using Moving Average Technique
  • MPS – Master Production Schedule
  • ATP – Available To Promise
  • Bills of Materials
  • MRP: Exploding & Lead-Time Offsetting
  • MRP: Completing an MRP record
  • Rated Capacity
  • Schedule Orders
  • Balance Sheet & Income Statement
  • Inventory Turns
  • Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Ordering Costs
  • EOQ – Economic Order Quantity
  • ABC Inventory Control
  • Cycle Counting
  • Re-Order Point replenishment method
  • Periodic Review replenishment method

Note, this item was created when the BSCM Participant Guide was at release 2.1 – it is still very useful to assist with APICS study, however there are some topics which were introduced in release 3.x of the Participant Guide which are not included within this CD (e.g. Drum-Buffer-Rope, Six Sigma, Exponential Smoothing).

The CD, created by USA based “SCMentor”, includes a passcode for access.


  • UK :- £ 45:50 each ( includes delivery ) no VAT applicable ( Educational Materials )
  • Western Europe :- € 71.60 each ( includes delivery )

Minimum system requirements :-

  • Microsoft Windows
  • 144 MHz Pentium processor
  • 32 MB RAM
  • CD Drive
  • Sound Card
  • 800 X 600 screen resolution


SCMentor Study Aid

UK Price

£45.50 each (includes delivery)
no VAT(Educational Materials)

Western Europe Price

71.60 each (includes delivery)