Training Courses

The courses offered have been established to plug a hole in what we perceive to be currently offered by the market-place. It is a common occurrence particularly with larger manufacturing businesses who have embarked upon ERP implementation, that some back to basics ‘refresher’ training in demand planning fundamentals may reap major rewards and increase the ROI from the IT system. Whilst modern systems can produce replenishment messages very quickly, the actual mechanics is traditional MRP, how long was it since your Material Planners received formal tuition in this area? A thorough understanding of the decision logic used by the system will likely assist with a less disruptive supply chain plan, with fewer sudden vendor changes and reduced obsolescence. It is emphasised that these are not IT training sessions, in fact they will be a good compliment to IT sessions undertaken by your team.

Please email us now to book a session , or, call for an informal discussion regarding structuring a session to address your particular needs.

Sessions are conducted at client site (customised to the industry wherever possible). Depending on room layout, up to 10 or 12 delegates can usually be managed per session.

These courses have been developed to address areas of knowledge not typically covered in the planners’ induction. The sessions pay particular attention to housekeeping of SS & Kanban levels particularly during times of product growth and retirement. The sessions are interactive with exercises included to ensure successful knowledge transfer.

The role of the Material Controller / MRP Planner is certainly one of the most under valued in industry. Such key individuals can have an immense impact upon Customer Satisfaction and bottom line costs. A thorough understanding of MRP Mechanics can assist in improved throughput and a reduction in production shortages and ‘line stoppers’. However, the resulting ‘inventory balancing act’ is not always considered for all longer term implications. Hence excess inventory and obsolescence can become a common by-product of the planning function. Refer also to our site devoted specifically to APICS training courses …..

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Presentation in Kuala Lumpur
Presentation in Kuala Lumpur