Training Courses

Retired Courses

On this page, we are pleased to offer access to a range of retired training courses, including the APICS CPIM (Part 1 & 2), APICS Principles, Lean Certification (IIBLC), APICS BSCM, APICS CPIM (Legacy – 5 Exams), and APICS CFSCM courses. While these courses have been replaced with newer versions, we understand that some individuals may still be interested in referencing these older versions for research or historical purposes.

The APICS CPIM (Part 1 & 2) courses were designed to help individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of production and inventory management concepts, principles, and techniques. The APICS Principles course provided an introduction to foundational supply chain concepts and terminology. The Lean Certification (IIBLC) course was focused on teaching the principles and practices of Lean management, while the APICS BSCM course provided a broad overview of the basics of supply chain management.

The APICS CPIM (Legacy – 5 Exams) course was an older version of the CPIM program, which included five separate exams covering different topics related to production and inventory management. Finally, the APICS CFSCM course provided a comprehensive overview of the key elements of supply chain management, including planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery, and returns.

Although these courses have now been retired and replaced with newer versions, they remain valuable resources for those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of supply chain management and related topics. We hope that you find these resources informative and useful.