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APICS Principles

Note, at the end of 2022, the Principles courses have now been replaced by The Foundations of Supply Chain Management” courses – details can be found here

The APICS Principles of Operations Management program has five customizeable courses that are classroom-based and instructor-led for individuals new to materials and operations management. This will solve the problem of requests for topics with a short delivery time, as each Principles session is written as a stand-alone “mini-course” which has logical connections between sessions. Therefore, APICS has constructed the material in a way to mix sessions from multiple Principles courses to build a custom course – rather like choosing from a menu. However, due to the time required to print and bind these custom course workbooks, our lead-time would require final content and quantities confirmed at least 5 weeks prior to commencing the course to allow printing and shipment time.

The 5 courses currently available are :-

  • Inventory Management
  • Operations Planning
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Operations Management

Each course comprises up to 11 possible sessions (roughly 3 hours per session) with optional progress exams at Session 6 (mid-term) and Session 11 (final exam). However, note…

This is not a Certification course, we recommend candidates seeking an overview should embark upon the APICS “Basics of Supply Chain Management” course (CPIM module 1) which allows the candidate to earn a recognised certificate on successfully completing the exam – refer to our BSCM training page.

From January 2021 we are withdrawing Principles courses from our Instructor-led offering. This is due to the recent enhancements in the E-Principles offering from APICS, we are therefore now recommending clients interested in these Principles courses rather than the certifications, should investigate the “Principles On Demand” page on the ASCM website – which in 2022 has subsequently been re-launched as “Foundations of Supply Chain Management” (FOSCM).

CPIM MPR P1 2015
CPIM DSP P1 2015
CPIM ECO P1 2015
CPIM SMR P1 2015

The APICS Principles of Inventory Management

The APICS Principles of Inventory Management will impart an operational knowledge and understanding of inventory management principles and techniques, roles and responsibilities, and the impact that inventory can have on a business. Topics include :-

  • inventory management fundamentals
  • ordering techniques
  • replenishment policies
  • purchasing management
  • just-in-time and lean methodologies
  • inventory performance measurement.
CPIM MPR P1 2015

The APICS Principles of Operations Planning

The APICS Principles of Operations Planning course imparts a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basic inventory planning principles and techniques that are used at each level in the planning process, from strategic to tactical. Topics include :-

  • planning foundations
  • business planning
  • basics of forecasting
  • sales and operations planning
  • master scheduling
  • capacity management
  • operations systems.
CPIM DSP P1 2015

The APICS Principles of Manufacturing Management

The APICS Principles of Manufacturing Management course aims to provide fundamental knowledge and understanding of the core concepts necessary to effectively managing activities related to planning, scheduling, and controlling manufacturing processes. Topics include :-

  • manufacturing management fundamentals
  • manufacturing product structures
  • material requirements planning (MRP)
  • capacity planning and management
  • production activity control
  • advanced scheduling
  • lean production management.
CPIM ECO P1 2015

The APICS Principles of Distribution and Logistics

The APICS Principles of Distribution and Logistics program will provide fundamental knowledge of operations management and understanding of the core concepts necessary to effectively manage an organization’s supply chain. Topics include :-

  • operations management foundations
  • introduction to distribution and logistics
  • distribution channel design
  • inventory management
  • distribution requirements planning (DRP)
  • warehouse management
  • packaging and material handling
  • transportation management
  • transportation operations.
CPIM SMR P1 2015

Principles of Managing Operations

Principles of Managing Operations imparts a fundamental knowledge and understanding of processes and operations, the function of project management, product and process design, quality management, process improvement, and organizational management and performance. Topics include:-

  • Processes and operations
  • Project management
  • Product and process design
  • Total quality management
  • Statistical quality control
  • Process improvement and optimization
  • Organizational management and performance.

To re-enforce the statement above, in addition to the courses, as presented, the sessions in each course can also operate as stand-alone minicourses or can be combined with other Principles course sessions to create a customized learning experience. It is our intention here at Hilf to deliver this course (to clients we cannot guide towards BSCM and full CPIM) through suitably qualified Associates, depending upon the content required (eg Manufacturing, Logistics or whatever).
Refer also to our other website specifically devoted to APICS training course delivery ( ).

APICS Principles
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